Wambu x Plastic Soup Foundation

Wambu is all about sustainability and zero waste. That's why we collaborate with the Plastic Soup Foundation. Together we strive for a waste free world. For every toothbrush sold, Wambu donates to the Plastic Soup Foundation. These contributions help fund the numerous amount of activities that PSF organizes. 

The Plastic Soup Foundation was founded in 2011 and has been striving for a plastic free ocean ever since. International press called PSF one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution. Its mission isn't getting plastic out the ocean, but preventing it from getting there in the first place.

Plastic waste in the ocean

They started out very small with a few volunteers and no funding. By now now they've become a strong organization with a close network all around the globe. With various smart and witty campaigns, the Plastic Soup Foundation knows how to exert great influence on the public, industries and politics. They operate from Amsterdam and focus on three main issues: awareness, education and solutions.

PSF constantly raises awareness towards plastic pollutions through public campaigns, news messages and social media. It has started up and contributed to initiatives like World Cleanup Day, Plastic Health Coalition, My Little Plastic Footprint, Ocean Clean Wash, Beat the Microbead, Trash Hunters en Amsterdam Clean Water.

For those who want to gain knowledge on the Plastic Soup, PSF is the right place. They've developed courses for primary school and high school students and officially launched the new digital education program for primary education in the Netherlands, collaborating with experts, politicians, organizations, universities and companies that have a related mission or vision.

PSF education

The Plastic Soup Foundation encourages all possible solutions that help to combat plastic pollutions at source. They consider measures that prevent plastic from entering the environment, water and ultimately the sea, to have the most impact. Examples are the reduction of single-use consumer plastics, the development of a Plastic Footprint scan for companies, but also installations that collect plastic in rivers in a smart way. 

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